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Osiris Ankh shirt

  • Osiris Ankh
  • Big Egyptian Ankh with Osiris temple art

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Osiris Ankh shirt Product Description

The Ankh was the ancient Egyptian symbol for life. Some scholars believe the Ankh represents a sandal strap, and what better symbol of day-to-day life for ancient Egyptians than their sandals, which walked them through their grand civilization? Others have suggested that the Ankh represents the sun rising above the horizon. This design is based on an actual Ankh from the reign of Amenhotep II in the 18th dynasty. Behind, in the dim red light, you can just make out Osiris, wrapped like a mummy, on the wall of Nefertari's Tomb. Egyptian legend tells us that the god Osiris was murdered and dismembered by his cruel brother, Set. Isis, the wife of Osiris, searched for and gathered the pieces of his body, and with the help of Thoth, took the pieces to Anubis, lord of the dead. Anubis sewed the pieces back together, embalmed Osiris, wrapped him in linen, and performed the ritual of Life. When the mouth of Osiris was opened, his spirit reentered him and he lived again, taking the place of Anubis as the god of the underworld, and becoming and everlasting symbol of eternal life. Whether you are an Egypt enthusiast or a modern Vampire, this shirt is perfect for your nocturnal adventures.