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The Story

One dark night on a lonely desert road, inspiration struck. My wife and I were driving home to San Diego, California, from a weekend trip to Las Vegas. So, the road wasn't so lonely, and the night not so dark; it was a jammed freeway lit by the lights and red glow of the other cars caught in the same morass. Earlier, another car had been following me so closely that I couldn't see its headlights. Still fuming, I uttered to my wife "tailgaters make me psycho." It occured to us that a lot of people feel that way, and that the sentiment makes a great bumper sticker. Over the next several hours, the genesis of a business blossomed. We went from bumper stickers to t-shirts, knowing that we could fill a niche for the dark at heart. I'm a professional web developer, and consequently a geek at heart... so, that's a dark at heart geek at heart, or something along those lines. We didn't have an opportunity to explore our idea too much at the time - it was merely a pleasant driving diversion - but we followed our hearts to New Orleans, Louisiana, and there, among the iron lace balconies, creole cottages, and historic antebellum mansions, we followed our business dreams, as well.

While other merchandising companies make clothing for geeks, and still others for goths and rivetheads, it seemed to us that no one was really speaking to that subculture that is a fusion of the two. Our personal interests go from computers to the occult, from gothic to cyberpunk, H.P. Lovecraft to Edgar Allan Poe, Voodoo to Cthulhu, and everything between. These influences are reflected in our growing line of merchandise.

Your humble master, Brian Callahan