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Check out these photos of our products on real live (so to speak) people! No fancy imitations here, these people are wearing our shirts mostly of their own free will. Buy a shirt, or we'll exterminate them one by one until you do!

Win free stuff! If you send us pics of yourself (or friends) wearing our stuff, we may post 'em here - if we do, you get a free shirt! Just go to our Facebook page and post your digital picture on our wall, with the understanding that you're giving us permission to post them on our Web site. Not every pic is posted - if you want to catch our eye, make the pic clever, sexy, striking... well, you get the idea.

Our Models


Andy in Cthulhu Celtic Knot Ami in Anubis Absinthe Todd in Edgar Allan Poe April in Sin Like You Mean It Andy in Evil Lager Ami in Zombie Vodka April in Comrade Cthulhu Ami in Eye of Horus Natalie Addams in Chaos Ami wears Tribal Cthulhu April wears a Skelly babydoll April and Statikchild in Airship Absinthe Ami in The Zombie Bar Raven wears Cthulhu The Destroyer Natalie Addams wears the Eye of Horus Ami in Wehrwolfe Andy in Frankenstein

Customer Photos


Amanda and Doug Bradley enjoy a little sin. shot_liz_thumb.jpg  Mallory loves a bad man  Diana Graves cozy in her Zombie Bar shirt  Samantha loves her Whiskey with BRAINS!  Lisa with Amber Benson from Buffy  Sexy Morgan wears sacred geometry  Gordon with Geni of the Genitorturers  Ramona takes the Miskatonic Cocktail club to Belize  Coffin Girl Lisa  Gargirl loves tentacles  SonyaMurder crosses over  Denise and her hearse  Lovely Rita weapons dealer  Two pretty fans with matching assets.  sexy bartender Molly of New Orleans  K of Denmark's Scrotum wearing the Sigh Co. Cthulhu Knot T-shirt on stage  Wow! This skeleton ribcage shirt looks hot.  This hot girl is happy to model our N2SIN shirt.  Roger D. Bones anxiously awaiting Bubba Hotep  Lisa the Wolf!  Nila and Jackass Jason Acuña  Brandi and her art car.  Spooky Irina.  Goth cutie Ivory Wraith.  A real Cyber Industrial Ninja Babe.  Lovely Carrol in New Orleans, with the zombies.  Lauren and Comic legend Jim Lee (X-men)  Liv Rainey and Friends with Roger D. Bones  Gwen with Ted Raimi of Evil Dead 2 and Xena.  Rachel McDonnell of The Crüxshadows.  Ghoultown girls  Stephanie and the Crüxshadows