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Knights Templar work shirt

  • Knights Templar work shirt
  • The cross of the Knights Templar on a stylish work shirt.

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Knights Templar work shirt Product Description

The red cross was worn by the Knights Templar and inscribed on their seals and documents. Printed on the back of this work shirt is a stylized and weathered version of their equal-armed cross, painstakingly designed using the the golden ratio and golden spiral. Eight historic Templar seals, including those showing the Dome of the Rock and Abraxas, are positioned around the arms of the cross. At the center of the cross is the five-petaled rose, symbolizing the Holy Grail. On the front pocket is printed the classic wax seal of the Templar Knights - two riders on one horse, a symbol for the Knights vow of poverty. Whether you are a fan of the Da Vinci Code, Gabriel Knight, Grail lore, or Biblical studies, this shirt is sure to captivate.

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